Narcissistic Abuse & Codependency Therapy


Tracey Nguyen, RN MN




I am a holistic masters-prepared registered nurse, with certified training in gestalt methodology and applied mindfulness. I am also certified in therapeutic touch, reiki and yoga. However, I believe my lived experience of healing from complex traumas and chronic illness is the wisdom that strongly informs my professional practice. I practice counselling mostly in North America and live in Toronto, Canada, and have provided therapeutic coaching to clients in California, Miami, UK, Sweden and other parts of Europe and India.

My healing practice with clients has evolved since 2015 from teaching others embodied emotional healing for resolving trauma and chronic health issues, and while this is extremely important, I have evolved my practice to also focusing on the roots of the problems at the embodied relationship level which accelerates the emotional processing time. We can cycle through negative emotions much longer than necessary when we haven’t healed the core of the relationship problems or addressed our disowned parts or shadow psyche.

Through relationship-based therapy, a body-and-client-centred approach and faith counselling, I help you get in touch with the core of your situation or relationship issue and the emotions you feel when certain dynamics, traumas or fears arise. I help you see your major “relationship blind spots” or what Carl Jung calls the shadow in our unconscious. If you already know what they are, then I help you face them in relationship dynamics in techniques like psychodrama, empowering your authentic voice and expression, developing boundaries, and supporting you to approve, acknowledge and validate yourself in those dynamics. We also will cultivate an awareness of attachment styles, trauma bonding and coping patterns that no longer serve you. I also will guide you into what to expect as you’re healing, some next steps (home/soul work) during off-session time and build an unshakeable faith in the process of unravelling into your true self.

Together, we create a safe and transformative space in the relational healing of your voice, boundaries, power and decisions at the embodied level. Because if you have your true voice from the soul, a connection to God, healed boundaries and autonomous decisions – the relationships in your life can heal, and you can make autonomous decisions and take courageous soul-driven action to create the life of your dreams.




I believe in the wisdom of the heart, in its ability to love, to surrender and to heal back to wholeness. I believe in the art of non-resistance and accepting what is in the moment.

I believe complex trauma is intergenerational and lives in our bloodline. I believe that when we heal, we break the patterns passed down from our families. You heal not only yourself, but you honour your family. You were chosen to do this.

I believe the power of our voices from our soul can create impact — within ourselves, with our loved ones and with the world at large if God willing and unravelling our capacity to love is the greatest purpose we can live.

Once feeling like a shattered soul and lifetimes of a broken heart, I surrendered to a spiritual journey of deeply letting go and found the voice in my heart and began healing. It has truly been a human experience of unconditional Love.

Growing up, I always had chronic anxiety and then the craziest of panic attacks brought me to my knees where I was invited to surrender to God.

The sensitivities of my body, the exacerbation of physical symptoms showing up as autoimmune and digestive problems: skin rashes on my face, candida overgrowth, vaginal pain, leaky gut syndrome and irritable bowel syndrome spun me into an obsessive journey of trying to heal myself through diet, detox, and whatever healing modality I can learn. Through endless holistic and energetic exploration, I arrived at the truth: my soul wounds, my heart and healing the deepest relationships in my life in an embodied way was the way.

My body is the home I live in, and my heart’s wisdom led me back to love in the journey of restoring dysfunctional and painful family and love relationships. Taking an oath to what was chosen for you will guide you into the light of your purpose.

I help clients do the same with their hearts, relationships, body and soul— and it’s been gorgeous to witness. I invite you to do the same, I invite you to come back home to yourself.

The greater the pain, the greater the love that will be unveiled in your heart and the darker the darkness will only reveal the strongest light inside of you



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Education & Credentials:

  • License #: 12492206
  • License State: Ontario
  • Practicing Since: 2015
  • Education: Tracey Nguyen is a master’s prepared nurse with advancements in therapeutic communication, where she learned the skills of CBT, DBT, ACT, Narrative Therapy, and Non-Violent Communication; she is also certified in Applied Mindfulness Meditation, Gestalt Methodology, Therapeutic Touch and Reiki.

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