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How Your Body Heals Cancer


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How Your Body Heals Cancer is about radically believing in ourselves, centring on God and understanding how cancer behaves on a cellular level for true soul and body healing. This book is about how we can help our bodies heal from cancer and disease by healing our soul and family relationships with the help of sound nutrition and frequency therapy. You were not born with cancer; it’s been developed over time, so you can begin to understand the root causes, begin the repair process and witness the healing unfold. The chapters in this book include:

  1. Believe
  2. Love, Forgiveness, and Grace
  3. Reflect, Repent, Repair
  4. God is the Healer & Health Cometh to You
  5. Healing with Faith in the Face of Fear
  6. How Cancers Cells Behave & Holistic Methods
  7. Hope: Cancer is Not a Death Sentence
  8. Relationship Dynamics & Return to God
  9. The Simple Truth

Although cancer is the second leading cause of death in North America and is considered a death sentence, many other parts of the world have a different understanding of cancer development and the regenerative repair process that can take place. This book offers a holistic and God-centered approach to healing cancer and chronic disease on a cellular and psychosocial level. We briefly examine what it takes for cancer cells to survive, thrive and die and how healthy cells operate. We heal when our limbic-nervous system and soul are relaxed, and we’ve healed the relationship dynamics and released trapped emotions from the body.

In understanding healing at the energetic level, bioenergy field, and meridian channels, we learn that we can heal beneath the physical and influence physical health on a deeper level. With the help of frequency therapy, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, supporting our immune system and anti-inflammatory health practices, we begin to have a beneficial physical impact.

Believe that you can, and you will heal. Believe that you are, and you will become. We can begin to influence our bodies based on what we believe; if we believe we can heal and, better yet, know this truth, we will progress toward greater healing. Epigenetics is the study of influencing our genes via changing our behaviour, and to change our behaviour, we heal the emotions underneath that drive it. If we believe we will die, we influence our bodies toward illness. Have faith in the healing process and listen to what your body is trying to tell you.

We practice the spiritual principles of love, forgiveness and grace to heal the relationship between ourselves and each other. Cancer often comes from years of resentment, chronic stress, powerlessness, helplessness and codependent behaviour. We can begin the repair process by understanding the relationship dynamics we’ve learned in our family systems that cause chronic stress. In this book, the Octagon Principles for Healing Cancer was created as a holistic way to understand how we can heal our souls and body. Please tune into your heart and I look forward to our healing journey together.

The Octagon Principles for Healing Cancer: Understanding How Cancer Cells Behave, Holistic Healing and Turning to God Can Save You include the following principles:

  1. Hyperoxygenation and Oxidative Therapies to promote cell and tissue oxygenation
  2. Anti-Inflammatory and Anti-Cancer Regimen
  3. Gentle Detoxification and Nourishment
  4. Restore the Microbiome
  5. Energy and Cell Metabolism Support
  6. Microcirculation: Promote blood flow, cell, and tissue oxygenation
  7. Frequency Therapy (bioenergetic harmony and meridian channel clearing)
  8. Relationship Dynamics Healing


The Disease to Please Manifests In the Body


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The Disease to Please Manifests in the Body is about unravelling the complex trauma of personality disorders, codependency, emotional dysregulation and the long-term health effects of narcissistic abuse in the body shown as chronic autoimmune disease, bowel disorders and even cancer. You develop programmed habits to survive the social environment when you undergo repeated conditioning of stressful and abusive relationships and family dynamics. These learned patterns of behaviour can include control, perfectionism, power struggles, enmeshing with others with a lack of boundaries, the compulsion to caretake others and abandoning ourselves to be what other people need.

This trauma leads to identity erosion, survival mechanisms, chronic stress, chronic resentment and chronic health issues. This book includes an in-depth explanation of how to solve these issues at the embodied and relationship level. The table of contents below includes different sections that address the basics of what you need to know to heal, identify issues, and identify narcissistic abuse and codependency patterns of behaviour. Lastly, the author includes a story of what happened to her to heal narcissistic victimhood and dissociative identity.

This book is about shedding personality traits and negative habits that don’t serve you, finding your voice and freeing yourself from traumatic attachments and toxic relationships. It’s about coming back home to who you are in your soul, having faith in God and allowing the body to heal itself.

FEEL TO HEAL YOUR BODY: Holistic Protocol Autoimmune Healing & Digestive Health


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Whether you’ve been struggling with chronic eczema from candida overgrowth-related issues, leaky gut, a controlling relationship with food, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) flare-ups, confusion with conflicting advice on nutrition and detoxes or just emotional stress, this book Feel to Heal Your Body has got you covered. It includes holistic body-based protocols for your emotional body healing journey. Psychosomatic and autoimmune disorders are not conditions we were born with but it’s something our bodies have developed over time through stress conditioning and complex trauma. Healing our immunity and bowels starts with healing the emotional wounds we hold in our bodies, especially our hearts and core. The tension held and trapped emotions within the body are blocking the body’s natural ability to heal itself. It’s only intuitive that we release the inner tension, resistance and blocks to having our body restore itself. Now it’s time to go back to ancient wisdom from nourishing traditions to healing your soul – it’s time to bring back your soul to rest so that you can digest.

This book includes holistic protocols, exercises, frameworks and guidance to heal the body from chronic bowel and autoimmune issues.

The following chapters are included:

  • The Emergency Care Protocol for Healing Eczema and Gut Syndromes: An introductory holistic approach to quickly managing, understanding and healing candida-related eczema.
  • No Steps 0 Checklist Food Protocol: Cultivate a healthier, less rigid, less stressful, and controlling relationship with food.
  • The 4-Week Candida and Leaky Gut Syndrome Cleanse Protocol: Follow a traditional Chinese medicine to kick start your healing, about die-off symptoms + learn how to make the best authentic bone broth recipe to help you heal your leaky gut.
  • The Shopping List Gut Protocol: For the people who love to eat yet have some food restrictions (only for now) as this includes tons of food and spice ideas that are deliciously gluten, dairy, and sugar-free. An easy peasy guide, so you’re not lost in what the heck to buy – Clear up your confusion, enjoy food, and begin to learn how to trust your body with food choices.
  • Allow Yourself to Heal Anxiety to Heal Your Gut: Understand the roots of anxiety and learn the simply timeless technique to heal anxiety stored deep within your gut psyche.
  • IBS Allow Healing: The original guidebook with the technique and uncensored truth that healed Tracey herself and the Leaky Gut Allow Healing (Excerpt), includes a simple step process on how to emotionally heal the leaky gut from the inside out.
  • Self Awareness and Emotional Psychology of Gut Syndromes: Dig deeper into yourself to open up to the body’s psyche to begin healing the trauma roots. Bonus: Ways to Overcome Codependency and Social Anxiety from Narcissistic Abuse
  • G.U.T.F is a playful and easy-to-understand framework with emotional characters to facilitate the 1 technique that heals it all, soul, body, and mind.
  • The Gut Feeling Reflective JournalExercises introduces a body-mindful process of getting in tune with the body and facilitating the technique of emotional healing to heal the gut
  • Music: How Sound Can Heal: Learn how to use the power of music to help you facilitate the technique of emotional healing within the body.
  • Gut Healing Poetic Medicine includes spiritual truth and the artistic way back to healing your body

Allow Your Feelings & Heal Your Body: “A Soul Warrior’s Journey” 


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The Allow Your Feelings & Heal Your Body book shares the very basic technique of letting go through the art of allowing emotions and the practice of non-resistance to our emotions. One of the most fundamental keys in human life is our ability to feel, allow, integrate, digest and embrace our emotional experiences. Throughout our human evolution, we’ve been collectively climbing the ladder of survival and the trauma, war and brutality we’ve faced throughout the generations is manifested now as an era of chronic illnesses and generalized anxiety. Many of us are chronically stressed with undiagnosed complex post-traumatic stress disorder (CPTSD), gastro- and autoimmune disorders. We don’t tend to fix our problems until some aspect of our life like our relationships, health or our entire life becomes unbearable and insufferable.

One of our greatest motivations for deep change is when we keep running into the same issues on repeat, in our relationships and persistent health issues. Trauma from long ago and the trauma that lingers in our DNA can be so hardwired into us that it affects our feelings and nervous system on such a deep level that it unconsciously influences our behaviour and unfavourable life outcomes. With this kind of suffering, pain and setback, we are spiritually invited to feel, heal and let go. More than just letting go of the past and resolving old patterns keeping you stuck, it’s about reaching your human potential, the bliss of surrender and the freedom you can have in your soul. Your heart is waiting for you to return home.

The following chapters explain the theory and application of how to allow and let go, particularly with a focus on healing chronic health issues. A case study with a client is included at the end of the book so you can have an example of how allowing works for healing. For those with developmental trauma, BPD and suffering from a lot of anger and pain – I hope that you can begin to relate to yourself in a kinder, more compassionate and more graceful approach. The more you non-resist your experience and allow it fully, the less you will feel the suffering. What you resist, persists. Please check out my meditations to help you move through difficult emotions.


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