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Art-based Therapy

Psychosomatic Therapy

Mindfulness and Neuroscience Based

Holistic Framework

I specialize in counselling and helping others heal the limbic and autonomic nervous system and how it directly relates to body physiology. The limbic system is the oldest part of our mammalian system, our survival mechanisms, and our instinctual nature. The limbic system is the emotional part of the brain and holds emotional memories and responses that are directly linked to the functioning of our autonomic nervous system, controlling our bowel health, immune system, heart, and respiratory system (any function that is autonomic).

True health is achieved through a person’s balanced autonomic nervous system and proper alignment of energy and physical body. True Health Counselling helps the person achieve this regulation and balance by healing the memories and psyche deep within the body’s systems.

Unique body-based counselling focuses on these principles:

  • Psychosomatic counselling (counselling from within the psyche of your body)
  • Body-based counselling (we work with your body as the base)
  • Body-based mindfulness (scientific method to pay attention to the body to resolve deep-seated stress)
  • The limbic system and nervous system counselling (we work to heal these systems affecting all bodily health processes)
Artistic Based Therapy


, we explore “The Artist’s Way,” which is a natural, spiritual, and self-expressive process. This is truly healing because we do not look at healing as a means to an end, of “just getting better,” but as a journey into self-discovery and your unique self-expressions in this life.

This is particularly important in the process of healing the soul because it is the art that awakens the creative life force with the spirit that nourishes the light body. It is an art that frees the inner artist from the confines of the rigid mind. Older souls, empaths, and sensitive bodies are here to tune in and listen to your truth.

Individuals suffering from chronic illness have repressed or unconscious patterns of shoved-down emotion that need resurfacing and expression for release. These emotions and trauma kept in the body, “block” the life force energy, creating mental and physical ailments. The process of freeing the artist will help you to heal from the depths of your soul and be brought back home to the spirit of love and life.

With Tracey’s guidance, you will cultivate deeper self-awareness of who you are as a soul, your unique talents, skills, and purpose in your life through the lens of the inner artist. Discover yourself and your muse to hone in on all the truth you have inside and release them as art and unravelling beauty in this world. You are invited to live in colour, and truth and reveal more love and light.

Psychosomatic Therapy


Most commonly, therapists will work with you on the psyche or your conscious brain with therapies such as CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy); though it has some short-term advantages, in the long run with deeper-seated and chronic problems, it is lasting or effective.

In Psychosomatic Therapy, we look at the brain and the emotional memories stored in the body. Psycho-somatic means, “psyche in the soma” or in other words “psyche in the body.” The body stores many emotional memories that we are not conscious of, however, when unconscious and constantly running in the background of our lives, program our lives. Did you know the subconscious mind counts for 95% of your current life’s manifestations?

What if the program of your life and your behaviours are continuing to make you sick and unhappy?

With awareness of our deeper emotional memories within our bodies, as well as awakening to the repeated behaviours in our relationships, we can begin to deeply resolve what does not serve us or is unfavourable in our lives. We begin the process of becoming awake to the “shadow” parts or disowned parts or unaware parts of the self and bring them into the light. You are invited to transform from your most deep-seated place- your soul.

Body Mindfulness Practice


The practice of Body Mindfulness is simply to “pay attention non-judgmentally” to the emotional body and areas of the body feeling discomfort, pain or ease. We focus on revealing how you really feel about x,y,z, and where that emotion is coming from, from within your body and begin to unravel other intuitive messages from the body.

In this practice, we will also explore how to deepen this body-mindful healing process with breathwork, music, sound, and natural healing movements to aid in the surfacing of repressed emotional trauma, emotional processing, regulation and release. Here, we will work on the steps to unblock your channels or meridian systems that govern your health. With repeated practice, more freed energy will flow and restore health and balance.

Holistic Practices


Holistic practices are about integrating a healthcare plan and treatment that encompasses all of a person’s being. This includes a person’s mental health, physical health, emotional health, and spiritual health. When we work from the core, we target the root of the issue. However, when we target a problem from all different angles and levels in layers of a person, health is achieved faster.

For example, if an individual has a chronic illness such as bowel syndrome, or an autoimmune disorder, we can work on a food nourishment plan that is healing for the body and we can work on daily lifestyle practices, spiritual perspective, and emotional stress healing. When we target a disorder from a holistic lens, we work on the whole person, not just one dimension of the person.

Tracey has an extensive background in holistic health practices, in her training as a master’s prepared nurse, licensed mental health counsellor and a holistic health practitioner. She uses her knowledge, professional skills and personal healing experience and intuition to create a holistic care and treatment plan for you.

It is important to note that counselling and ongoing practice of emotional healing is imperative to target and heal layers of the root of the problem. While many practitioners work on one dimension of the problem such as diet or meditation, it is still a surface level or maintenance form of treatment. Tracey will work on healing the root of the core issue, Which is the emotional memory, nervous system, and cell structure found within the body.

You are invited to heal all dimensions of who you are from the inside out and be forever transformed.

Creative Individualized Treatment


Tracey recognizes that every individual is unique and authentic in their creative expression. Therefore she uses her intuition and creates an assessment with you to tailor a holistic approach that is for your individualized and creative needs.

Whether that creative expression be through The voice in the form of speaking, writing or painting or dance etc; it needs to be expressed and released. Trapped creative energy and emotional repression create blocks and ailments in the body.

Applied Neuroscience


Tracey uses approaches that are supported by applied neuroscience. For the last 20 to 30 years, neuroscience has made advances in mindfulness meditation, showing its therapeutic and healing effect on the brain and body, reducing the need for pharmacology for pain and symptom management. She has worked with individuals who have over time reduced their need to depend on drugs for managing their body symptoms.

As well, more literature and evidence around stored emotional trauma in the body create muscle tension and physical illness. Muscle testing procedures have shown decreased stress and tension after individuals who have applied the letting go mechanism and mindfulness meditation. Psychologists and holistic doctors have supported the body of knowledge concerning what the body holds or stores and how that manifests on a physical level in the body.

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