Narcissistic Abuse & Codependency Therapy

Narcissistic Abuse Therapy

Do You Yearn to Feel Safe to Be Who You Really Are?

  • Avoiding to voice yourself in a relationship with a narcissistic partner or parent?
  • Feeling stuck in indecisiveness or looking to others often for approval or validation?
  • Often feeling anxious or depressed?
  • Do you yearn to trust and feel safe with your authentic expression?

You may be looking to feel more certain about who you are, heal your voice, trust yourself and to finally let traumatic or toxic bonds go from your family, career, and love relationships that hold your power back.

You may be wanting to understand why you go up and down in your emotions so often, to not be so stressed about everything all the time, and to not feel victimized or feel helpless in managing your life.

You may have received narcissistic abuse from a parent, a partner or a boss. Maybe you’re not sure and you want to find out more of what therapy for victims of narcissistic abuse really entails.

You may feel like you self doubt a lot or second guess your decisions. It’s like a constant war between what you feel in your heart and the battles of your mind. If this is you, perhaps you are feeling you need some guidance in healing back to your true self.

Feeling Unsafe To Be Who You Are Is More Common Than We Think

This constant unsafe feeling is so deeply rooted in many chronic problems we see in bowel syndromes and autoimmune disorders – and you are certainly not alone.

As a therapist specializing in complex trauma recovery for over 10 years, I found that the trauma and traits are passed down in generations within families. I’ve seen across my clients that most challenges boil down to unpredictable, angry and unsafe parenting styles that are controlling and hurtful in close relationships.

Narcissistic Abuse Therapy Can Help You Awaken Your True Self

Therapy means healing your voice where you kept yourself suppressed in relationships to survive and reclaiming your true identity when you abandoned who you are to be approved of.

It’s learning to be more discerning and clear on your own decisions, responsibilities and developing personal boundaries.

  • What part of yourself did you have to give up, abandon or sacrifice to survive?
  • What personal boundaries did you have to keep breaking or bending to get your lover’s approval?
  • Are you a people pleaser or do you put others on a pedestal to get them to love you?

Narcissistic abuse therapy helps you to reclaim, acknowledge and validate your feelings and perceptions as your own. Therapy also helps you to break down your own defences to listen to others with discernment of your own safety.

Narcissistic Abuse Therapy is grounded in healing your voice and authenticity. It can show you what you need to express in the present moment for healing in a relational context.

Everyone’s situation is unique but there are similarities in all of us. We work on the real practical heart-to-heart conversations in the relationships that really matter to you. It’s about your voice, how much you tolerate because of abuse vs. genuinely accepting. It’s about learning your boundaries and gaining back your power and autonomy to make the decisions that are right for you. It’s about having the courage to make mistakes and believing in yourself.

Is this going to be a waste of time?

My clients who have worked with many other therapists who already have a previous psychological understanding of themselves finally get the deep soulful healing they were missing. The greatest value this can give you is time — A LOT of time, the greatest currency we have.

Some people never heal properly because of dissociative identity disorder or frequent episodes of dissociation. For example, someone with anxiety due to dissociation has a different and deeper root cause than some other anxiety triggers. In this era of consciousness, individuals on a spiritual journey may experience what is called spiritually bypassing (denying the reality) and delay their healing and growth.

Several years can be wasted not targeting root issues and as a consequence we cycle in negative emotions and negative experiences longer because of shadows or things out of awareness. I also spent too long bypassing certain negative emotions and grief that needed more attention.

In my personal lived experience, I wasted a lot of my own precious years and resources staying stuck in narcissistic abuse empath wounds. I didn’t have happy or healthy relationships where I truly felt safe. I was also financially struggling due to trauma and addictions and chronically ill for years.

I also struggled with my own entrepreneurial career for many years, cycling in toxic patterns in business.

My clients end up saving time and making proper investments in their life with less stress or making decisions that lead to more financial wealth.

You will not be venting with no guidance, direction or sense of progress. We avoid the inefficient style of you sharing with me your feelings in circles for years without resolve —you can do that with a friend instead. I’m here to witness your voice and power become alive, for your mind and heart to become one and to help you make heart and soul-aligned decisions for your life. We work on your deepest relationships, acknowledge, express and validate every part of you, for your wholeness and authenticity.

Your true self awaits you.

If you are resonating with my words, book your call with me today.

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