Narcissistic Abuse & Codependency Therapy

Somatic Therapy

Somatic Therapy


  • You think you may have trapped emotional stress and trauma in your body
  • You have tried diets, detoxes and many types of healing but still suffer from chronic physical health issues and know it’s from complex trauma and CPTD
  • You have psycho-analyzed your past and childhood trauma but don’t know how to heal on an embodied level
  • You wish to work with a Somatic-based therapist that can help you integrate mind-body-soul for holistic and embodied healing
  • You wish to heal your physical ailments from the inside out


At this point, you realize that you can cycle through your past psychology all day long but traditional psychotherapy and talking about your problems isn’t enough for you and certainly hasn’t helped your body yet. You may have done the emotional healing work but you are still cycling through the same problems in your relationships. You are awakened and know that real and profound healing happens on a deeper body level in your unconscious and you are seeking a Somatic Therapist to help you heal your soul that lives in your body.

Perhaps you have tried healing with all different modalities and holistic healing methods but you still are struggling with your ongoing health issues or feel your sensitivities are holding you back in life. You know that stress and emotional triggers aggravate these symptoms. You want to resolve these triggers instead of creating the same patterns in your life to recreate the same pain.

Your Wise Heart Knows Your Body’s Symptoms Are Telling You Something. Are You Listening?

All of a sudden you might have symptoms of inflammation and autoimmune issues fare up or your bowels keep acting up. We generally think it’s only because of food or stress but do you ever wonder what patterns you keep cycling in or what roles you keep playing in your life that creates that stress? What if it was about paying attention, non-judgmentally to our bodies and tuning into the moment that can break old patterns and cycles we keep living?

By learning to listen to our bodies, slow down and respond with wisdom to what our situation and relationship tell us, we get out of our own way and the body heals itself. The more we release and let go of trauma within our bodies, the more we become aware of why we behave the way we do to situations and people, the unconscious parts of us become conscious, the disowned becomes re-owned and life begins to transform. We begin to feel safer, freer, lighter, wholesome and loved.

Somatic Therapy Helps You Heal to Feel Safe Again In Your Body

Somatic Therapy helps to resolve traumas not only we can remember but it helps to facilitate and heal traumas within our bloodlines and family history. It’s incredible how our body’s symptoms show us what we’ve endured and what we need to let go of on a deeper spiritual level. The body in many ways is a mechanism for spiritual growth, shown in the way we can slow down like nature, and work towards more peace in our relationships.

There’s a natural emotional psychology in your nervous and digestive system and regulating this towards feeling safe is a basic need every human needs. Understanding why your body’s nervous system feels unsafe and restoring that safety is the most important thing you can and will ever do.

If you look throughout history, humans have had problems throughout time in our relationships, whether it be on a one-to-one level or at a world level between countries. Fights and arguments are real in love relationships, politics and countries. War has destroyed lives and land, and mother nature has suffered. I wish to ask you, how is your body any different?

When your mom and dad fought, when there were power imbalances, control and areas of mistrust – your body and mind as a child have absorbed that in and until now, you are holding onto it in your body and in your relationships you have with yourself, with your partner, with work or with the world at large.

Feeling safe in your body opens you up to your human potential and creative opportunities. When we finally feel safe, we can feel confident enough to take the right risks, build important relationships and make decisions to create our lives with meaning, creativity and purpose.

The Somatic Healing Approach

You have a problem because you are human and you have normal reactions and have built adaptations and coping strategies to survive. You have creatively adjusted who you are today to survive. I understand you are a social being, driven to survive your social situations and wishing to thrive in your life.

Most of my clients have a problem with an emotionally reactive or emotionally neglectful or dismissive parent, or a past or current lover who is showing similar traits and is painful and hurtful. I have clients who also have learned it is themselves who was more reactive, dismissive and controlling in relationships. Either way, there is healing that needs to be done in the dynamic because it takes two people to participate in a relationship.

Everything that hurts you or causes you stress, was learned in a relationship, therefore everything that heals you, is also within a relationship. Chronic stress and complex post-traumatic stress disorder and constantly living in a state of reactivity and projection are messing with your nervous system, immune system, digestive system and every other system related.

Everything is a relationship. If you are all alone, you’re still in a relationship with yourself, with your emotions, your body, nature, God and the universe. It is extremely important that to heal any areas in life, you need to involve the relational aspects within yourself and feel safe within your body – both cannot be separated in Somatic Therapy as it honours your mind and body as one.

There is only the truth, and the truth is, you need to heal how you feel within yourself and your relationship with significant people in your life.

You were not born with the illness you have and developed it over time, then definitely Somatic Therapy with the right therapist can help you un-do, unlearn and release the patterns that created these illnesses. I am a Somatic Therapist that believes in Miracles, and deep down I believe in our Truths, we are living and breathing miracles. This work is just a process of remembering who we really are. Our body is the home of our soul and all we need to do is to return to Love and go back home. You are invited to shed who you had to become to survive and remember who you really are to thrive.

Somatic Therapy is grounded in emotional-body psychology; it gets you back to the wisdom of what you need in the present moment for healing.

It’s about asking yourself:

Who did you have to become to survive?
What part of yourself did you have to give up or sacrifice to belong?
What did you have to keep saving or bending in your boundaries to get your lover’s approval? How hard did you people please others?

I work with clients who have been codependent in their relationships and I help them make sense of what went wrong in their previous relationships or current ones, how they have lost their identities, their voice, their autonomy, their boundaries and decision-making to survive the relationship.

Together, I help you gain awareness, and with that wisdom, to re-identify who you really are, find your voice, gain empowerment in your voice and autonomy, take steps to create boundaries and help you make the decisions you truly want to make to thrive.

Whether you are suffering from feeling unstable or intense emotions, personality challenges, identity confusion, addictive or toxic type of love relationships, co-dependencies, co-addictions, chronic anxiety, depression, feeling lost, scattered or confused; or have chronic psychosomatic (bowel syndromes, lungs, skin, headaches, autoimmune) ailments that can’t seem to be solved with anything else – I can guide you towards your healing.

I listen to your story and create a holistic assessment of your unique and creative needs as a person. I guide you to create intentions of what your innermost heart desires are and guide you in surrendering to them. I aim to work with you in ways that integrate the shadow aspects within yourself, so you can feel more light and whole as a human being.

I help you foster a kind of safety and connection that is beyond this physical world. I guide you to cultivate unconditional acceptance within yourself so that you can re-own all of who you are. I will also help you access an inner healing that releases you, through your body, and frees your heart and your voice. Wherever, however, and unapologetically whoever you are in the moment, I will create a safe and intentional space and show up with you.

Let’s heal and discover your human potential, together.



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