Heal Anxiety to Rest, Digest and Repair Your Gut

Our mammalian reaction to fear was very useful in the times when we had to fight to survive, in our history of war, genocide, rise from poverty and starvation.

This collective fear and pain from the past affect us through intergenerational trauma as it lingers in our tissue memory and DNA. In the face of survival and in making ends meet, we didn’t have the luxury to address and validate that our feelings are important. We did not understand how to allow the feeling, process it and regulate our emotional cycles. I believe these factors contribute to why we have this phenomenon of the era of generalized anxiety and depression.

Some of us are more sensitive by nature and are prone to storing these past emotionally stressful situations in our body’s cellular memory.

Therefore, when we experienced stressful behaviour and environments in our past, we reacted in our system, and when we’re scared we freeze inside not knowing what to do with this fearful feeling. 

This frozen response collects over time in our bodies as energetic resistance – too much resistance causes chronic illness. We did not know how to allow the feeling of fear to pass through us, to regulate negative emotions and let them complete their cycle. Therefore learning to process emotional trauma via re-regulating our nervous system becomes a fundamental step to healing digestive and autoimmune disorders.

Resistance blocks life force energy and also begins to destroy the integrity of our body’s physiological processes. This is why it is crucial to begin to allow the feeling of stress, fear and anxiety.

Times are different now and we don’t need this strong emotion of fear to serve our need to fight anymore. We can give up this old pattern of fighting. 

What You Resist Persists 

Whatever you resist, persists. Anxiety comes from a stored reservoir of resistance and fear that needs to be allowed and felt so that you can empty the reservoir of fear. And what’s left? More faith, peace and trust in yourself. 

The reservoir of fear is emptied in cycles or layers. With each cycle of fear you allow yourself to complete by staying with the feeling until it’s gone, will make the next cycle less, and less and less. That’s what allowing the feeling means, it means to let the feeling be processed and pass through until it’s done. 

Your fearful thoughts are temporary. They diminish in strength as you allow repressed fearful emotions to be dissolved. I know what it’s like. I used to not be able to go to class, skip work, freak out in my relationships and not be able to cook for myself because of my horrible anxiety. I used to have shortness of breath, gasping for air and cough because I was afraid. I used to control everyone and everything around me because I was afraid. I used to plan and panic about how I needed and expected something to happen or I’d freak out. I was scared of certain foods, scared of bad things happening, worry incessantly of bad things that haven’t happened and whatever other normal fear we have.

My body also developed irritable bowel syndrome and candida overgrowth because of such bad anxiety. It’s okay to have anxiety or to feel afraid, it’s very human. We need to first know that there’s nothing wrong with anxiety.

I couldn’t live my life without feeling so uneasy and with a paralyzing fear that stopped me from doing things that I would start and never finish. I needed a method that was permanent and cell memory deep.

Through desperation of my chronic illnesses returning, I gave up the fight & I gave in to myself. The most miraculous thing that ever happened to me. To surrender to yourself is the path of self-love. I feel everyone with anxiety needs to know this truth about how to process fear in the body. I made this so you get the shortcut, the simple and condensed version of my decade-long journey of battling chronic issues, a deep exploration of many therapies and thousands of dollars spent to find the answer.

Anxiety and panic attacks can feel like death but the resistance to the feeling keeps it going, it gives it juice, it loves it and makes the anxiety stronger. 

What we resist persists, what we fight, fights us back. When is your inner war going to end? When are you going to give up your battle with anxiety? When are you going to surrender and allow your feeling of fear?

There’s nothing stronger in this world than our superhero human power to allow fear and resistance within us. Throughout the process, you’ll become aware of the constant permission to feel the fear, and process the fear and you’ll begin to regulate your emotions and the anxiety will melt away. Learning the skill to surrender by allowing yourself to feel the feelings of fear and resistance, is the best human skill you could ever have. 

Throughout my books and courses, I’ll show you how to surrender to the feeling of fear by allowing the feelings of resistance and fear and how to give yourself permission to permanently heal your anxiety and body.

Through processing, regulating and releasing anxiety in this manner, it begins to release from your nervous system and GI tract, restoring normal body health. Your anxiety and all your fears are the very platform where your courage begins. The brave hero within us lies through our choice to not resist fear anymore.

We are not heroes because we want to win, fight the fear, push through it or overcome it – we are heroes when we surrender. We are heroes when we have the courage from our hearts to choose love. Love does not fight back, only Love Allows our fears to be felt.

To your healing,

Tracey Nguyen, RN MN Holistic Psychotherapist 

Please Check My Books for where this writing came from under the title Feel to Heal the Body

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