Believe in Healing: A Journey from Chronic Illness to Cancer Recovery

Cancer. The mere mention of the word sends shivers down the spine, a stark reminder of the fragility of life. When a cancer diagnosis shatters your world, hope becomes your lifeline. In this book, we explore the power of belief and the potential for healing, even in the face of the most formidable adversary – cancer.

I’ve walked a path of healing, one that took me from chronic illness to a profound understanding of the body’s innate capacity to recover. My journey began with chronic gut problems and autoimmune issues that plagued me for over a decade. While not a cancer diagnosis, it was a wake-up call, a glimpse into a future of disease if I didn’t intervene.

My healing quest commenced with positive affirmations, inspired by Louise Hay, but this approach proved futile. I learned about the dangers of toxic positivity, realizing that denying my true feelings hindered my progress. This journey is detailed in my other book, “Allow Your Feelings, Heal Your Body.”

I explored various holistic modalities – functional medicine diets, yoga, chakra balancing, meditations, EMDR, psychotherapy – you name it. Despite my efforts, my physical symptoms persisted, signalling that something vital was missing. It wasn’t until much later that I discovered the deeply rooted chronic stress woven into my nervous system. A decade of healing revealed complex post-traumatic stress disorder (CPTSD) resulting from narcissistic abuse and codependency.

My journey encompassed emotional patterns, anxiety, depression, borderline personality, narcissistic victimhood syndrome, and severe codependent behaviour. It was a decade-long odyssey of complex and intergenerational trauma healing.

In this book, I aim to keep it simple and to the point, focusing on the essential aspects of healing your body. Cancer, as defined in Western society, often carries a death sentence, a grim reality to face. Statistics tell us that it ranks as the second leading cause of death, with heart disease claiming the first position.

I remember the day my parents received the news. Tears streamed down their faces as the doctor mentioned traces of cancer, possibly peritoneal carcinomatosis (PC), a fourth-stage cancer with palliative options on the horizon. Their dreams and sacrifices flashed before their eyes, a poignant reminder of their journey as refugees and immigrants.

I may not know your story, but I acknowledge the profound impact a cancer diagnosis can have on your life and your dreams. It has the power to shatter the future you envisioned, leaving you grappling with fear and uncertainty.

The day after my parents received the news, my mom video-called me, her eyes swollen from crying. She tearfully shared the diagnosis, expecting shock and despair. To her surprise, I responded with calm assurance, telling them that we could heal this. My background in helping people heal and my unwavering belief became their anchor.

It all begins with belief. Believe in something greater than yourself, in the healing power within you. Whether you’re religious or spiritual, or neither, there’s an undeniable force at work in our lives.

Desperation can lead to humility, a willingness to believe in something beyond ourselves. We realize that we can’t control every aspect of our lives, and sometimes our loved ones can’t provide the support we need. This is where belief in a higher power, a force of life, becomes paramount.

You need to believe that your body has an innate capacity to heal itself, guided by a divine intelligence. This book isn’t about denying the reality of cancer or advocating for the abandonment of medical treatments. It’s about recognizing the importance of belief in the healing process.

Believe that something greater than you is at work, and that your body has the ability to heal itself. This belief, coupled with the right approach, can accelerate your healing journey. Throughout this book, I’ll share how you can support your body in its self-healing process.

As someone who has helped clients overcome chronic health issues, including Parkinson’s and Hashimoto’s disease, I’ve witnessed the power of belief firsthand. Yet, healing my own mother humbled me further, emphasizing the importance of unwavering belief and letting go of control.

Whether you’re reading this for yourself or a loved one, know that my intentions are rooted in your well-being. It all begins with belief. Doubts and fears may surround you, but belief is the starting point.

Western medicine, while vital in many ways, often fails to grasp the deeper workings of cancer at a cellular level. My journey has reshaped my understanding of health and illness, shifting from a medical background to a holistic approach.

I firmly believe that the programs and conditioning around cancer can be more detrimental than the disease itself. The moment a diagnosis is delivered, it’s often seen as a death sentence. Prognosis becomes destiny, a belief that can undermine your ability to heal.

In this book, I share my belief that we must challenge the conventional perspective on cancer. We must recognize that healing is not solely a physical process; it’s a holistic journey encompassing mind, body, soul, and spirit. Above all, it’s about connecting with a higher power, whether you call it God or something else.

Belief is the cornerstone of this healing journey. It’s the belief that something greater than you is guiding your body’s healing. Your body has an intrinsic self-healing mechanism; you must trust in its innate intelligence.

Let go of the programming that cancer is insurmountable. Embrace the belief that your body can heal itself. Together, we’ll explore how to accelerate this healing process. Welcome to a journey of belief, hope, and healing.


Tracey Nguyen, RN MN Holistic Psychotherapist 

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