The Relationship of Emotional Trauma, Your Immune System and Chronic Eczema 

The more you read about eczema, you’ll learn that eczema is an autoimmune condition. What if you tried everything like me? What if you’ve had the issue for years? I believe we all want our healthy lives back.

Although it is crucial to help our bodies on the physical level through nutrition, skin brushing, essential oils, tai chi, yoga and whatever else, we have forgotten what the immune system is, what it deeply represents and how to heal from the inside out.

skin < immune system < nervous system < digestive system < stress foundation 

The immune system is a beautiful and naturally interconnected biological process, always communicating with our nervous system that is weaved through its response on the heart and gut.

In other words, your immune system, nervous system, cardiovascular system, gastrointestinal system and integumentary (skin) system is all but one dance.

Your body system is nature’s biological dance and the spirit of life and love is the song it needs to dance with. But we all know modern society has its own interfering agenda. I contend that society has been under the influence of intergenerational amnesia, carrying out and living in an era of post-traumatic stress with the pains of the war and genocide that lingers in our unconscious memory, DNA and blood.

This epidemic of syndromes and autoimmune issues is but a manifestation of this stress and survival trauma. We are sensitive and empathic and picked up our influential figures on survival trauma and stressful parenting. We have genes and pains from our grandparents. I wrote a paper in my grad class about cultural soul wounds among native people and intergenerational trauma, and it occurred to me then that we all have been affected in one way or another by the collective past.

This spirit of life and love, as the song to our body system’s dance, has long been forgotten and it is time we listen, we feel and we heal from this amnesia to remember who we are.

It is worth repeating that your heart and gut were the first organs to form in the womb and the most accurate measure of your innate intelligence.

“The body is wiser than you are.” I could sip on this phrase all day.

It is the mind’s judgment and resistance to our experience that interferes with this body’s flowing dance. As children, we believed everything our parents and society has ever taught us or conditioned us. It was our survival mission as helpless children to seek approval, validation and belonging from our parents.

Life’s humans dance as children, playing, loving, laughing and having fun. However, from survival trauma and reactive stress responses, this dance also included experiences of absorbing the financial stress our parents had, receiving shaming, yelling, punishment, consequences, neglect, criticism and guilt for our feelings and behaviour.

The Effects of Narcissism on Children and Chronic Illness 

The pain, emotional stress, control, punishment and seeking others’ approval has had our minds disconnected from our body as a way to cope. To survive our childhood, we had to split from our emotions, disconnect from the body and resist digesting the experience completely. The way we live does not dance with the song of life.

The chronically ill body with eczema and gut syndromes, has a heart that has been broken and gut instincts and feelings that have been ignored. These undigested experiences and lodged stresses block immune system function in the heart and gut.

Chronic eczema is a physical manifestation showing you that the body is overloaded with an imbalance of candida, hence overgrowth. Individuals with chronic eczema may also have concurrent issues of IBS and leaky gut syndrome. This was the case for me before.

Here is the connection again: 

Skin < immune system < nervous system < bowel < stress

Further breakdown: 

Eczema < autoimmune < blocked thymus immune gland < overactive nervous system < unprocessed gut feelings & undigested experiences < emotional trauma

Eczema < leaky gut syndrome < psychosomatic gut disorders < past trauma.

The base of who we are is built upon social connection and emotional belonging. Those of us who are more emotional and sensitive by nature are easily affected by our environment and influential figures.

When our emotional and social foundation had many traumatic or hurtful experiences throughout childhood and adolescence, we were likely to develop psychosomatic and autoimmune conditions.

When our lives are built on a foundation of stress, the dance and flow within our bodies do not sync with the harmony of life. “The house built on quicksand will break and fall.”

Therefore to heal chronic eczema permanently, it is about healing the emotional trauma stemming from family and relationship dynamics. More specifically, the stubborn symptoms from your autoimmune and gastrointestinal disorders stem from narcissistic abuse and codependency wounds.

Somatic approaches and complex trauma therapy processes can help you release trauma stored in your body. In this process, you will reconnect with your body and learn to re-regulate your nervous system. Somatic meditations can assist you in releasing trauma from your body and healing C-PTSD from long-term narcissistic abuse can heal your parasympathetic nervous system. This will in turn put your body back in rest, digest and repair mode.

I invite you to feel, heal and trust your true instincts.

To Your Healing,

Tracey Nguyen, RN, MN, Holistic Nurse Psychotherapist 

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